Finest Truth

Finest Truth brings with their energetic live shows the music of the legendary Funk-Rock band
in a way that you are only used to from "MOTHER'S FINEST".

With the powwolle soul voice of "Tamara Vincent" and the tight grooving rhythm section of "Bob and Richard Tumansery" and of course the high-quality ripping guitar solos of "Leo Sumah", "Finest Truth" is a well-oiled machine that thunders over you with classics such as:
"Piece of the Rock" and "Baby Love" alternated with power-ballads like "Love Changes" and "Cry Baby" that are played with devotion.

Finest Truth arose after 4 musicians with years of experience during a jam session found out that they have a shared love for the Funk-Rock band
The band spent a lot of time studying the music of MF to approach and record the groove and vocal parts as accurately as possible. Because of this, Finest Truth is DE due to their musical approach and energetic appearance
"Mother's Finest Tribute Band"
in the Netherlands that sounds most like
The Real

Each Live performance proves FinestTruth to make this happen again. For the Funk-Rock enthusiast it is certainly worthwhile to experience this band once live.




Finest Truth


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